Welcome to ExclusiveFilms.co.uk
Welcome to ExclusiveFilms.co.uk

This site will be launching shortly as part of a research project into the history of British film production and distribution company Exclusive Films. Exclusive Films Limited was incorporated in May 1935 and is perhaps best known as the sister company to Hammer Films, a company which survives to this day. In the early days Hammer would often make the films and Exclusive would distribute the product, and so maximising profit for the company. Exclusive has been largely ignored by critics and scholars of Hammer Films and of the British film industry in general.

This site will build up to include a complete and comprehensive database of the various films that Exclusive distributed over its existence, and of the films that it produced in association with Hammer Films. This is a complex area involving hundreds of titles. It is hoped that by shedding new light on the Exclusive period of Hammer's development, we will come to a greater understanding of the reasons behind Hammer's development and success.

Exclusive Films logo "It's Exclusive"With Hammer having recently made inroads into inexpensive distribution once more with the online release of their 2008 serial Beyond the Rave it seems the time is right to look once more at this fertile period in Hammer/Exclusive history.

Entries will include full release details as known, synopsis, availability and where possible contemporaneous clippings, articles, posters and stills. I would encourage anyone who has any relevant material to submit it to the site. This is an historical research project that will build into a database for scholars around the world to use, and one which I hope will educate and entertain.

Robert J.E. Simpson
September 2008



Update: 2 March 2009
Exclusivefilms.co.uk is being developed as part of my PhD research project on Exclusive. For those interested in the status of the research, I've opened a new blog which will keep you updated on developments and the PhD process. The blog is at http://theexclusiveproject.blogspot.com 

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